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Bodega Maestrazgo wine shop & bar has been serving our customers in the heart of El Born in Barcelona since 1952. We offer the wine enthusiast and the adventurous novice a chance to experience one of life’s great treasures: wine!

With that in mind – we thought one day, well why stop there? With so many wonderful guests visiting us for tastings every single day, we realised the market for Spanish wines is much bigger than we had thought. Your customers – from all across the globe – want access to more Spanish wines. And that is where The Spanish Pallet began (after enjoying a few glasses of our liquid inspiration of course!).

Spanish Wine Exporters

We developed this special department for all wine importers around the world wishing to increase their references of great Spanish wines without taking large stock risks!

More than Just Spanish Wine Exporters …

Spanish Pallet is the Spanish Wine delivery department of of Bodega Maestrazgo. This third generation family business has deep rooted connections with bodegas and winemakers across Spain; along with a beautiful history.

One Stop Shop

Importing Spanish wines can be a difficult task, for many reasons. It is for these very reasons, that you will have one contact throughout each process. We liase with wineries and suppliers so you don’t have to! Reducing the issues around language barriers / time-differences / cultural boundaries / contact issues etc. You just have to sit back, relax, and wait for your wine to arrive!

Removing the Risk Factor

The biggest risk to any importer / small business wanting to import wines from another country is taking on large stock risks. Which is why we are the only Spanish company who offer mixed pallets.

Logistics Management

We take care of all logistics from numerous wineries and organise all packaging / insuring etc. At each point during your order, you will have one contact who knows the exact status of your order.

Sales Training

We provide comprehensive on-line classes & material for sales staff / distributors so they have full knowledge of each of the wines they are selling and the families behind them. This service is included free of charge. We believe every wine holds a story, its every wine business’ job to convey that story to their customers.

Competitive Prices

We reccommend the best wines according to your needs, and more importantly your customers tastes and styles. We focus on finding unique, hidden gems from small vineyards from all over Spain. Thanks to our contacts and experience we can source very fine wines rivaling more famous names, but at decidedly better prices.

Spanish Wines Popularity

The market for Spanish wine is growing globally. However, with so many new and interesting regions emerging, access to some of the best is limited. We want to help spread knowledge, passion and access to these fabulous wines.

We Know our Winemakers

Our winemakers are as interesting as our wines, and we love nothing better than sharing their stories with you. That’s why we choose to work with small producers and interesting wines which your customers will enjoy and appreciate.


Create Your Pallet – Match Your Market

Customise your wine pallet with fabulous wines from all across Spain. Benefit from our wine experts’ advice and our tried and tested logistic solutions to create the perfect wine order adapted to your market!

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